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2018-2020 Mission Grants

A mission goal of $133,685 was adopted for the 2018-2020 biennium. $27,900.00 will be provided for grants in support of the following projects in the Eastern District:

--- Mission Grant Goal
*Funding to purchase Bibles for distribution in Nepal & China
Sowers Ministry, Tonawanda, NY
7-$2,450.00-PAID $27,900.00
*Funding for the
Lunchbox Summer Program
Hop Bottom, PA
6-$2,450.00-PAID $25,450.00
Funding to provide food items
for seminary students and their families
Concordia Seminary Fort Wayne, IN
5-$5,000.00-PAID $23,000.00
Funding for video equipment to
enable Live-Streaming of sermons in sign language to deaf congregations
Pittsburgh, PA
4-$5,000.00-PAID $18,000.00
Funding for Medical Supplies
Mercy House, Vestal, NY
3-$3,000.00-PAID $13,000.00
Funding to further the
Senior Citizen community ministry
Care-A-Van Ministries, Batavia, NY
2-$5,000.00-PAID $10,000.00
Funding for a Summer Day Camp
Pioneer Camp & Retreat Center, Angola, NY
1-$5,000.00-PAID $ 5,000.00

* Grants 6 and 7 received a tie vote. The $4,900 amount will be split evenly between the two grants and they will be paid at the same time when funds are available.

View the Mission Grants from the last biennium (2016-2018).

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